Choosing the right bike


I have many customers who ask what type of bike i would recommend for them. So below is a few suggestions i give please note these are my personal opinions based on my experience, i am not recommending any make or model of bike and am not trying to sell any bikes. This is just advice given that you might want to consider.

When looking at any bike i suggest the following.

1) Your experience

i find many new riders that have obtained their license still don't have very good riding skills. They have been taught and tested on bikes like a Honda CB 125 which is a good little commuter bike it is very light weight and low powered

2) Not test riding before buying

I have met people who have purchased bikes without riding them first and have found them difficult to ride. Usually this is no fault of the bike but these problems would have shown if road tested first. The problems have been anything from seat height, weight, power delivery and strength of brakes.

3) Buy the bike for the job

If your intention is to use the bike as a form of to and from work transport you have no real use for a sports bike if you only commute in suburbs and city there are many bikes suitable. If you have to do highway work or want to use the bike for weekend rides and a bit of traveling you will want something a bit bigger. Of course if you are after a high powered sports bike that is fine but please make sure you are experienced enough and if that is you this article is of no use to you

4) Cost

The original cost of the bike is easy to see but there are costs to owning different bikes which is not a problem as long as you know about it first. This is something to consider.

Servicing, the cost of a service can be very high depending on the bike some bikes are very time consuming due to the amount of disassembly involved. Some bikes give good access to all the areas required others need all the fairings, radiator and fuel injection removed just to access the spark plugs.

Even the cost of spark plugs can vary from $6 each to over $60 each

Immobiliser ignitions

                                      This system has been around for quite a while now with cars as well, however America does not use it the idea is very good if the bike is stolen without the key the ECU will not work so it is only of use to the thieves as parts. When the bike is sold new in most cases Suzuki and Yamaha definitely the bike comes with 3 keys. One is the master key and is required to program any new key if you are looking at any bike with this system if they do not have the master key and you lose yours it will cost over $2000 to repair.

These are just some simple tips from my experience if you would like any further info just contact me if you disagree with my opinions that is ok as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

I do pre purchase inspections if wanted apart from inspecting the condition of the bike i also go through the pros and cons of any bike i am checking if interested let me know